Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rose applique

This is the first rose/flower I learned to Make many years ago.  My grandmother taught it to me, and I have no idea where she learned it... 
I've never seen any others, but I suppose there could be an actual designer somewhere, I just have no idea where to begin looking for it.  

The rose is made in two pieces, then attached the side of a hat or whatever by putting a button in the middle and sewing it onto your project.  (I didn't have a button handy, so I just sat a dime in the milddle so you'd get the idea.)

This is made with regilar old knitting worsted, but any yarn can be used to achieve different sizes, just use the proper size hook.  

Actually, several of these in crochet cotton with pearl buttons in the center would look very nice around the collar of a dress or blouse.  

Large element:

* chain 5, in first chain work 4 trbl, ch 4, sl st into same st as trbls.  Repeat from * 5 more times.  6 petals made, Close ring by attaching to base of first petal with sl st.  Tie off

Small element.

#Ch 4.  In first st, work 4  dc, ch 3, sl st in same st as the dc.  Repeat from # 4 more times.  5 petals made, finish by closing with slst on base if first petal.  Tie off

Stack Elements, attach to.project with a button in center.

Simple, huh?


  1. I just discovered this blog!!!! I can't understand yet about trbls, but will watch YouTube to see what it is! Would love to make a ton of these to tie on packages, etc. Thanks Claude!!!!

    1. Julie... if you can do a dbl, (double) you can do a trbl (treble)... in a dbl you do yarn over insert hook draw up loop, ending up with 3 loops on hook, work off 2 loops at a time.

      Trbl... yarn over twice, insert hook and draw up a loop endi.g up with 4 loops on hook, work of two loops at a time.


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