Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lucky Shamrock Patch

    Just a little patch, nothing too dramatic. 
This will be a good patch for St. Patricks day... The four leaf clover is a traditional symbol for good luck.  The shamrock, or regular 3 leaf  clover is the traditional symbol for the Irish St. Patrick, and is supposed to represent the Catholic trinity.  I placed it on an orange background, because Irish Protestants wore orange to commemorate the Protestant William of Orange.   In America at least, these rules have relaxed on the holiday, and people who are proud of their  Irish heritage will wear green, and possibly both colors, to display their pride.  The shamrock would look just as good on a white or black background.
Using green bedspread cotton, and a size 6 hook, chain 12. 
By1st leaf...
*in 4th ch from hook, work 4 tr.  ch 4.   sl st in same st you worked the 4 tr. 
for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th leaf,  ch 4 then repeat from * 
stem... work a sc in the nest ch of the beginning ch, then sc in remaining  ch, ending with  2 hdc.  Tie off

To work the background... beginning with either a magic circle or ch 5 closed with a sl st.

Rnd 1:  ch 3( to count as 1st dc ,throughout)  work 14 more dc in ring.  sl st into begining ch 3.  (15 dc total)

Rnd 2. Ch 3.  work 1 dc in same st as joining sl st.  * work 2 dc in next dc of previous rnd.  Repeat from * all around, ending with a sl st into top of begining ch 3 (30 dc total)

Rnd 3.  ch 3, 1 dc in same st as slip stirch on prev round, 1 dc in next st.  *  2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next st.  Repeat from * all the way around.  Closing with a. Sl st into begining ch.

Work 2 more rounds, increasing 1 dc in every round.  

Edge with contasting color by working a sc in every st around.

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